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Permissions (Kingdom Comes)

Backtagging: Yes

Threadhopping: PM me first

Fourthwalling: PM me first

Offensive subjects: Depends on the circumstance -- talk to me if you're worried.


Hugging this character: Please give her affection.

Kissing this character: In a sex game? Perish the thought, you scandalous monster

Flirting with this character: Yes, though I apologize for when she fails to understand what's happening

Fighting with this character:
Why would you :C

Injuring this character: Minor injuries such as cuts/bruises are fine. Talk to me if you're thinking about something more extreme

Killing this character: Only if we've plotted it out in advance

Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Let's chat about the circumstances, but yes!

Kink list: Can be found here

Concerns? Want to address something? PM me or shoot me a message on plurk ([ profile] ashstriferous)