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Victory Road
Angel | 20s | Pansexual

✹ VISUAL: The first thing anyone will notice about Angel is the fact that she is extremely small. She barely scrapes five feet tall, and looks like she hasn't eaten in a handful of weeks. While whatever forces pulled her from death and into this strange world did a good job at putting her back together, she still maintains a number of indicators of the abuse suffered in her former life. Namely, the shadows under her eyes and her weight.

The second thing worth noting is Angel's tattoos. As a siren, she is gifted with a series of intricate and winding tattoos, covering most of her left side and branching over onto the right. An image can be found here.

Most importantly, Angel has freckles. How fucking cute.
✹ FASHION: Having worn a jumpsuit for most of the time she can remember, Angel has taken to wearing flowing sundresses and skirts. It's her way of taking in the manufactured heat and breeze.
✹ DEMEANOR: After spending at least five years in seclusion, Angel is finding it considerably hard to adjust the liveliness of Lagunbiru. She tends to try and make herself as small as possible, and can come off as rather meek. Beneath that, though, is an intense urge to help others, especially those she considers to be her friends.
✹ AURAL: A (spoiler heavy) example of Angel's voice can be found here this link.
✹ OLFACTORY: Though Angel tends to stick with bright, floral scents, both in her bathing products and the sprays she uses, there is currently an odd metallic scent beneath all of that. Probably shouldn't ask about that.
✹ MENTAL INFORMATION: While Sirens are never confronted with telepathic abilities, being one of six most powerful women in the universe has its perks. While telepaths are welcome to hear her thoughts, those that might try to manipulate her psychically will find that their commands come off more as whispered suggestions. Depending on the situation, Angel might mistake them for her own thoughts, or she might grow suspicious.
✹ MAGICAL INFORMATION: While Angel's ability to manipulate technology has been drastically cut back, she can still manipulate communicators of others. Moreover, she can alter her surroundings, even parts of herself, with vivid illusions. An opt out for either or both of these abilities can be found above. Read more about Angel here

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